Friday, 22 June 2012

Barsony Lamp Collection So Far....

Thought I would do a post on my lamp collection so far.

We are up to 50 pieces now and trying to slow down, however, we keep managing to find pieces we dont have.

For those who are not familiar with the work of the late George Barsony, he was a talented Hungarian Sculptor who arrived in Australia in 1949. George and his wife Jean set up Barsony Ceramics in Guildford which is in western Sydney.

Throughout the 50s, 60s and 70s they were famous for their range of Black Lady Lamps and figurines, however, they didnt just make Black ladies, they also made lamps in a lustre, white, brown and even gold finish. There are also lamps of fish and a poodle lamp, however the most sought after are the quite possibly the larger dancing ladies. They also marked their pieces under the names of Venice and Silver Cloud, though I am still yet to come across any 'Venice' pieces.

Many of these lamps we marked underneat with prefixes such as FL48, HL4, as well as stickers such as "An Original George Barsony Ceramic".

George has only just recently passed away in 2010 at the age of 93.

If you have any questions regarding these lamps, or if there any particular pieces you are after or wish to sell, just send me an email at .

I also sell hoop and pearl earrings on eBay to complete your lamp, just check out my items for sale here!! You can also buy beautiful reproduction ribbon shades here.

Hope you enjoy the pictures of my prized possesions!

Friday, 1 June 2012

Boo Boo's and Goat Cuddles

The other week we had a little accident. Our little princess got her finger stuck in the door. How I hate hospitals!!! We were in emergency for over 6 hours the day it happened. They said it's nothing major, so no broken bones or fractures, but she made a mess of her finger so needed it all cleaned up, but at this age, they wont hold still.

They then told us to come back the next morning at 8 for day surgery. They said no food after 2am, but she can have a bottle before 6. So we woke her up at 5.30, gave her a bottle of milk, then off we went to the hospital only to be told that when they said bottle.... they meant water???? Who gives a toddler a "Bottle" of water? So we got stuck waiting until 12 before she went in without been able to give her any food or milk!!

It was heartbreaking watching her go under, and when came out, her little hand was wrapped up like a boxing glove, but at least she was fine (and very happy to be able to eat). She did get upset though when she couldnt open things like books and games because she could only use one hand.

But the bandage is now off, and although she is minus one fingernail which will take a while to grow back again, but at least she is back to her normal self.

We made a trip out to Newcastle last week to Oakvale farm and our little muppet had a ball

All she wanted to do was cuddle the goats

We even got to give a koala a pat!

Oakvale Farm and Fauna world is truly worth a visit for those with little ones. At 11am daily you can get a bottle and feed the baby lambs and goats, and $1 gives you a bag of feed, however a goat stole ours right out of our hands. They had camels and cows and most farm animals you could think of, however, it was far to windy given Alannah had just gotten over a cold, so we stuck to the covered areas which were Alannahs favourites anyways so we could chase and cuddle the baby goats.

Friday, 18 May 2012

Antique Shopping Delights

Last week all three of us went down to Melbourne. I flew down on the Friday night with Alannah, and Paul drove up with the station wagon (still hard to believe I own a station wagon - but I do love it).

Saturday and Sunday was a blast. We crammed in so many antique shops that I was absolutely wrecked by Sunday night.

On Saturday we were very good. Didnt buy one thing. We did a few garage sales in the morning, but as it was the first day and we hadnt been to Melbourne before it was hard knowing which areas to target. We then went to about half a dozen or so shops in Melbourne and absolutely loved Collingwood with the majority of the antique shops specialising in mid century design. I also loved the 'Cafe Culture' that Melbournians embrace. I couldnt get enough of good food and coffee without the high price tags that Sydney has.

On Sunday however, we went nuts. We went to a collectors fair in Sprinvale where there was an abundance of all kinds of antiques and collectables for anyone no matter what they collect or what their budget was. We managed to score a Tretchikoff Print pretty cheap, an old science game which Paul couldnt resist (he kept saying how he would have loved this as a kid and for $10, couldnt help himself). My favourite purchase from this fair though was an Oroton Lighter still in the original box and it was only $20! However, we also brought something for Alannah, and for $5, we couldnt leave it behind. We found a 1950s tin of Johnson and Johsnon's baby powder in a "New Economy Size". HILARIOUS! We thought it was great.

We then drove down to Tyabb which is south of Melbourne and had a ball!!! Antique shop after antique shop, and not just small shops, massive sheds full of antiques. We were in this one suburb for the rest of the day. We ended up scoring a small Troika cube vase, a stunning string wall art piece, and an oil painting with a 'tretchikoff' signature (if only it's an original Tretchikoff - it would be the buy of the century).

Over the next few days I (unfortunately) had work to do, but Paul and Alannah kept on searching and managed to find a beautiful brown bakelite Peter Pan radio, and he also brought Alannah a vintage little kids toy Lawn Mower which she is now obsessed with!!! He also picked up a Lynch print in awesome condition which we had brought prior to our trip knowing we would be down that way soon.

Last thursday once work was all finished up, we all drove back to Sydney together! What a task!! It took over 12 hours because we went the long way home via Castlemaine (Bendigo) just to visit XXXX Antiques, and boy were we glad we went there. There array of petrol pumps was absolutely crazy. They were so stunning and large it was ridiculous. If anyone is after an old school restored (or unrestored) petrol pump these guys are definately worth speaking to. The qualilty of their restorations are amazing, and you would not be dissapointed. They also have a large warehouse specialising in Fench deco pieces including gorgeous marble and bronze mantle clocks - Not exactly our style, but you cant help but admire them.

On our first night back at home after doing some googling we came across another Lamp for sale, so did a late night rush to pick up a gorgeous Blue Can Can (only two more Can Can colours to go!!!)

Well I think I have written far more that most would probably like to read in a post, so will finish up here and leave you with some pictures of our little trip.

This 50s kids table and chair set was so adorable

Our new blue Can Can

I just love these cat's eyes glasses

The Tyabb Packing Shed had a cabinet full of Art Deco pieces

She can't help but get messy with a choc bikkie

Her little vintage lawnmower

Friday, 27 April 2012

Oh No, Not Tantrums Yet!!

I think our little baby is turning into a toddler!!! She has this look when she wants something, and when she hears "No" she gets this cutest little frown and stomps! Not quite a tantrum, but I dont think she's far off now.

Last week we took her to this really big park with a massive hill and a lot of trees which she just loved running around wherever she wanted. She hasnt quite learnt how to run, but boy does she try. And because of the hill, she was going a lot faster than what her little legs could keep up with and kept toppling over. And then when she was facing up the hill, once she toppled over, she couldnt get back up because of the slope of the ground. We couldnt stop laughing!!!

You can tell when she's been cheeky with her little hands held behind her back!

Flying through the air with Daddy

Thursday, 5 April 2012

Shoes Shoes Shoes (plus a little kitsch)!

Well, what can I say? My little girl has a shoe obsession! Now, this isnt a new obsession, it's been going on for a few months, pretty much from when she could waddle around the house, she would pull off our shoes, and try and put them on herself, or take off her own ones and try and put them over our toes!
Last Saturday I decided it was about time to go for shoe shopping for the first time, and gosh did she have a blast. She was pulling shoes off the rack left right and centre, and kept walking up to me with a different pair of shoes.

On another note, we have recenlty acquired two new very kitschy prints! We actually got these off the same person. We brought the J H Lynch Print off eBay, and when we were speaking to the seller about postage etc (it was all the way from Adelaide) he was telling us about the other prints he had, including the beaituful print by Shabner "Melanie with the Red Ribbon" and we just couldnt resist it.

Last weekend we went for a drive up to the Blue Mountains to help my mum move house. She moved into this cute little white fibro 50s 'cottage' with a beautiful garden which Alannah had a ball exploring. She tried to pull out all the little flowers from the garden, and when she succeeded the force from actually grabbing the flower made her fall right back and land on her little tush. Was so very very adorable!

Playing the piano at Nany's house

She loves playing with food jars and spoons now!

Shoes and Shoes!

Hope you all enjoy your long weekend!

Saturday, 24 March 2012

Vintage Vintage Vintage

Oh how I love vintage! And what better place to go than the Love Vintage Fair on at Hordern Pavillion this weekend.

Opening night was Friday night and I went with a friend Kassandra and her sister - "Your Only Blackswan".

It was a blast! There are wonderfully beautiful dresses as well as jewellery to die for. I also spotted some lovely Barsony's but I was good and didn't buy any. There was a pink can can and a hawaiian lady both of which I have (this is the problem now - we have so many lamps now, that when we find one at a fair we already own the same piece).

I was a good girl, and made only one purchase a very cute little black glomesh card holder. And the best part. It only cost me $15!!!

On another note, I have been a very bad girl, and have two more lamps, with a third on the way :o
They were all gorgeous, and we couldnt resist any of them.

This lamp is an FL48 in a rarely seen blue colour with the matching shade. It is in suberb condition, and we replaced the earrings with a reproduction set. I usually sell these earrings on Ebay, but waiting on the next shipment of them to arrive. Let you know when they are here!

Pics of the other two to come soon. We are still cleaning the other one we have, and when we receive the third (hopefully within a week) will post up some more photos! This really is a bad bad addiction! At least me and Paul are both inflicted with this sickness otherwise I am sure it would be the topic of many fights!

Alannah has also been a little rascal lately, oh so cheeky and naughty! I think she has realised she got away with a lot more when she was sick the other week, so now has this little whimper when she wants something, and just points and nods her head when you point to your cup of tea, or the pen your writing with. She is also going through a stage now where she hates bibs, and if you put one on her, she will rip it right off!! Think it's time for us to put our foot down now, we don't want her ruling the house now at 13 months, imagine what she's be like at 24 months???? (Scary).

Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Alannah and I have both been sick these last few days, Alannah since the weekend, and me since Monday. I left work early yesterday and home today - so just resting up!! Going a bit bonkers though been at home all sick, and with Alannah sick as well, we cant really go anywhere.
At least we managed to make the most of the sunshine last week, we went up to Terrigal and had a nice walk on the beach. We went up there to pick up a Tessa coffee table we brought, and at the same place the guy was selling a few other bits, and we scored a Junghans starburst clock!!
We also have a couple of leads on some new lamps :) so keep an eye out, will hopefully have a new lamp or two in the next week to show off :) ... Very Exciting!!!!

She adores the camera!!!

What a great day for the beach!

Saturday, 10 March 2012

Up Up and Away... She's Walking!!!

Well, Alannah is now 13 months old, and walking everywhere. She started to "Walk" the night before her birthday, it was 6 steps, a couple of days later it was 13 steps, and now she's off!!! Trying to run everywhere, opening all the drawers, she has learnt how to climb on the lounge, and then thinks it funny to look over the edge which makes me want to run right over and scoop her up so she doesnt fall. It actually feels like a break when I go to work, I can sit down all day without running around after her! Is that bad???

When Alannah was about three months old she got diagnosed with a cows milk protein allergy, and has been on a synthetic formula, and then soy milk, so the last couple of weeks we have tried to reintroduce full cream milk back to her, but she got excessively sooky and clingy, so we've moved onto fresh Soy milk to substitute her soy formula. And then I think we'll try reintroducing it again in a couple of months (hoping she grows out of this).

We've also been doing "Backyard renovations" at the moment prepping for the new garage and granny flat. The plan was to level out our back yard, but once the tractors started they got bogged because although we had two days of sunshine the ground was just too too wet!! We couldnt resist getting a photo of Alannah on the big tractors. Hoping now for one week without rain... Fingers Crossed we wont be waiting too long...

Finally climbing up on the couch to steal mum's phone!!

Finally fits in the swing seat!

Lucky Girl... Dad brought her some flowers for her birthday!

I love my books!!

Had to put her on the tractor!! She loved it up there!!

We've run out of room again! :-(

Saturday, 18 February 2012

1st birthday Party

What a couple of weeks!!
Last weekend was Alannah's 1st birthday party. Such a great day, we had two really great cakes. One was of Ollie, we had to have this cake as whenever he comes on TV all eyes are on him. Another family member then organised another cake for our "Alannah Banana". They all tasted soo great!! Just let me know if you are interested in the cakes and I will pass on the contact details :)

Alannah got so spoilt, and so far her favourite present has been a pink foldout lounge. I think its because she finally feels like a "big girl" being able to get up and down off her own lounge.

She loves her box with all her toys in. 

We have brought a few more things as well in the last couple of weeks. It's been very exciting.
Last weekend we went and picked up our JH Lynch print and just the other day our new lamp arrived, we brought a Pink Lustre Barsony Poodle lamp. It's just gorgeous!!

Our new lynch print with our Barsony Poodles

The latest addition to our Barsony collection