Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Alannah and I have both been sick these last few days, Alannah since the weekend, and me since Monday. I left work early yesterday and home today - so just resting up!! Going a bit bonkers though been at home all sick, and with Alannah sick as well, we cant really go anywhere.
At least we managed to make the most of the sunshine last week, we went up to Terrigal and had a nice walk on the beach. We went up there to pick up a Tessa coffee table we brought, and at the same place the guy was selling a few other bits, and we scored a Junghans starburst clock!!
We also have a couple of leads on some new lamps :) so keep an eye out, will hopefully have a new lamp or two in the next week to show off :) ... Very Exciting!!!!

She adores the camera!!!

What a great day for the beach!

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