Saturday, 24 March 2012

Vintage Vintage Vintage

Oh how I love vintage! And what better place to go than the Love Vintage Fair on at Hordern Pavillion this weekend.

Opening night was Friday night and I went with a friend Kassandra and her sister - "Your Only Blackswan".

It was a blast! There are wonderfully beautiful dresses as well as jewellery to die for. I also spotted some lovely Barsony's but I was good and didn't buy any. There was a pink can can and a hawaiian lady both of which I have (this is the problem now - we have so many lamps now, that when we find one at a fair we already own the same piece).

I was a good girl, and made only one purchase a very cute little black glomesh card holder. And the best part. It only cost me $15!!!

On another note, I have been a very bad girl, and have two more lamps, with a third on the way :o
They were all gorgeous, and we couldnt resist any of them.

This lamp is an FL48 in a rarely seen blue colour with the matching shade. It is in suberb condition, and we replaced the earrings with a reproduction set. I usually sell these earrings on Ebay, but waiting on the next shipment of them to arrive. Let you know when they are here!

Pics of the other two to come soon. We are still cleaning the other one we have, and when we receive the third (hopefully within a week) will post up some more photos! This really is a bad bad addiction! At least me and Paul are both inflicted with this sickness otherwise I am sure it would be the topic of many fights!

Alannah has also been a little rascal lately, oh so cheeky and naughty! I think she has realised she got away with a lot more when she was sick the other week, so now has this little whimper when she wants something, and just points and nods her head when you point to your cup of tea, or the pen your writing with. She is also going through a stage now where she hates bibs, and if you put one on her, she will rip it right off!! Think it's time for us to put our foot down now, we don't want her ruling the house now at 13 months, imagine what she's be like at 24 months???? (Scary).


  1. That blue in the lamp is an unexpected color combination, but I do like it!



  2. Thanks Marielle! The blue is extremely rare, and I just love it :)