Thursday, 5 April 2012

Shoes Shoes Shoes (plus a little kitsch)!

Well, what can I say? My little girl has a shoe obsession! Now, this isnt a new obsession, it's been going on for a few months, pretty much from when she could waddle around the house, she would pull off our shoes, and try and put them on herself, or take off her own ones and try and put them over our toes!
Last Saturday I decided it was about time to go for shoe shopping for the first time, and gosh did she have a blast. She was pulling shoes off the rack left right and centre, and kept walking up to me with a different pair of shoes.

On another note, we have recenlty acquired two new very kitschy prints! We actually got these off the same person. We brought the J H Lynch Print off eBay, and when we were speaking to the seller about postage etc (it was all the way from Adelaide) he was telling us about the other prints he had, including the beaituful print by Shabner "Melanie with the Red Ribbon" and we just couldnt resist it.

Last weekend we went for a drive up to the Blue Mountains to help my mum move house. She moved into this cute little white fibro 50s 'cottage' with a beautiful garden which Alannah had a ball exploring. She tried to pull out all the little flowers from the garden, and when she succeeded the force from actually grabbing the flower made her fall right back and land on her little tush. Was so very very adorable!

Playing the piano at Nany's house

She loves playing with food jars and spoons now!

Shoes and Shoes!

Hope you all enjoy your long weekend!

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