Friday, 27 April 2012

Oh No, Not Tantrums Yet!!

I think our little baby is turning into a toddler!!! She has this look when she wants something, and when she hears "No" she gets this cutest little frown and stomps! Not quite a tantrum, but I dont think she's far off now.

Last week we took her to this really big park with a massive hill and a lot of trees which she just loved running around wherever she wanted. She hasnt quite learnt how to run, but boy does she try. And because of the hill, she was going a lot faster than what her little legs could keep up with and kept toppling over. And then when she was facing up the hill, once she toppled over, she couldnt get back up because of the slope of the ground. We couldnt stop laughing!!!

You can tell when she's been cheeky with her little hands held behind her back!

Flying through the air with Daddy

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