Friday, 18 May 2012

Antique Shopping Delights

Last week all three of us went down to Melbourne. I flew down on the Friday night with Alannah, and Paul drove up with the station wagon (still hard to believe I own a station wagon - but I do love it).

Saturday and Sunday was a blast. We crammed in so many antique shops that I was absolutely wrecked by Sunday night.

On Saturday we were very good. Didnt buy one thing. We did a few garage sales in the morning, but as it was the first day and we hadnt been to Melbourne before it was hard knowing which areas to target. We then went to about half a dozen or so shops in Melbourne and absolutely loved Collingwood with the majority of the antique shops specialising in mid century design. I also loved the 'Cafe Culture' that Melbournians embrace. I couldnt get enough of good food and coffee without the high price tags that Sydney has.

On Sunday however, we went nuts. We went to a collectors fair in Sprinvale where there was an abundance of all kinds of antiques and collectables for anyone no matter what they collect or what their budget was. We managed to score a Tretchikoff Print pretty cheap, an old science game which Paul couldnt resist (he kept saying how he would have loved this as a kid and for $10, couldnt help himself). My favourite purchase from this fair though was an Oroton Lighter still in the original box and it was only $20! However, we also brought something for Alannah, and for $5, we couldnt leave it behind. We found a 1950s tin of Johnson and Johsnon's baby powder in a "New Economy Size". HILARIOUS! We thought it was great.

We then drove down to Tyabb which is south of Melbourne and had a ball!!! Antique shop after antique shop, and not just small shops, massive sheds full of antiques. We were in this one suburb for the rest of the day. We ended up scoring a small Troika cube vase, a stunning string wall art piece, and an oil painting with a 'tretchikoff' signature (if only it's an original Tretchikoff - it would be the buy of the century).

Over the next few days I (unfortunately) had work to do, but Paul and Alannah kept on searching and managed to find a beautiful brown bakelite Peter Pan radio, and he also brought Alannah a vintage little kids toy Lawn Mower which she is now obsessed with!!! He also picked up a Lynch print in awesome condition which we had brought prior to our trip knowing we would be down that way soon.

Last thursday once work was all finished up, we all drove back to Sydney together! What a task!! It took over 12 hours because we went the long way home via Castlemaine (Bendigo) just to visit XXXX Antiques, and boy were we glad we went there. There array of petrol pumps was absolutely crazy. They were so stunning and large it was ridiculous. If anyone is after an old school restored (or unrestored) petrol pump these guys are definately worth speaking to. The qualilty of their restorations are amazing, and you would not be dissapointed. They also have a large warehouse specialising in Fench deco pieces including gorgeous marble and bronze mantle clocks - Not exactly our style, but you cant help but admire them.

On our first night back at home after doing some googling we came across another Lamp for sale, so did a late night rush to pick up a gorgeous Blue Can Can (only two more Can Can colours to go!!!)

Well I think I have written far more that most would probably like to read in a post, so will finish up here and leave you with some pictures of our little trip.

This 50s kids table and chair set was so adorable

Our new blue Can Can

I just love these cat's eyes glasses

The Tyabb Packing Shed had a cabinet full of Art Deco pieces

She can't help but get messy with a choc bikkie

Her little vintage lawnmower

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