Friday, 1 June 2012

Boo Boo's and Goat Cuddles

The other week we had a little accident. Our little princess got her finger stuck in the door. How I hate hospitals!!! We were in emergency for over 6 hours the day it happened. They said it's nothing major, so no broken bones or fractures, but she made a mess of her finger so needed it all cleaned up, but at this age, they wont hold still.

They then told us to come back the next morning at 8 for day surgery. They said no food after 2am, but she can have a bottle before 6. So we woke her up at 5.30, gave her a bottle of milk, then off we went to the hospital only to be told that when they said bottle.... they meant water???? Who gives a toddler a "Bottle" of water? So we got stuck waiting until 12 before she went in without been able to give her any food or milk!!

It was heartbreaking watching her go under, and when came out, her little hand was wrapped up like a boxing glove, but at least she was fine (and very happy to be able to eat). She did get upset though when she couldnt open things like books and games because she could only use one hand.

But the bandage is now off, and although she is minus one fingernail which will take a while to grow back again, but at least she is back to her normal self.

We made a trip out to Newcastle last week to Oakvale farm and our little muppet had a ball

All she wanted to do was cuddle the goats

We even got to give a koala a pat!

Oakvale Farm and Fauna world is truly worth a visit for those with little ones. At 11am daily you can get a bottle and feed the baby lambs and goats, and $1 gives you a bag of feed, however a goat stole ours right out of our hands. They had camels and cows and most farm animals you could think of, however, it was far to windy given Alannah had just gotten over a cold, so we stuck to the covered areas which were Alannahs favourites anyways so we could chase and cuddle the baby goats.

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