Saturday, 18 February 2012

1st birthday Party

What a couple of weeks!!
Last weekend was Alannah's 1st birthday party. Such a great day, we had two really great cakes. One was of Ollie, we had to have this cake as whenever he comes on TV all eyes are on him. Another family member then organised another cake for our "Alannah Banana". They all tasted soo great!! Just let me know if you are interested in the cakes and I will pass on the contact details :)

Alannah got so spoilt, and so far her favourite present has been a pink foldout lounge. I think its because she finally feels like a "big girl" being able to get up and down off her own lounge.

She loves her box with all her toys in. 

We have brought a few more things as well in the last couple of weeks. It's been very exciting.
Last weekend we went and picked up our JH Lynch print and just the other day our new lamp arrived, we brought a Pink Lustre Barsony Poodle lamp. It's just gorgeous!!

Our new lynch print with our Barsony Poodles

The latest addition to our Barsony collection 

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  1. Hey Retro Collection! Let me know when you get sick of your pink poodle! I have been searching for one for years!!! Am just a little jealous ;)