Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Latest Buy

Well on the weekend me and Paul went up the central coast to pick up an Atomic Coffee machine we had brought off eBay.

This one is in amazing condition, and we couldnt pass it up. It even came with the original instructions with a sample grind.

Must say we are very happy with the latest addition to our collection of bits and pieces. And another item crossed off our list.

We have our own retro wish list full of things we want to buy. This includes a Bakelite AWA Empire State Radio, a Lynch print, a nice wooden mantle clock plus a set of Beswick wall ducks. Obviously there are a lot of things missing from that list, but they're the main ones :)

We are also in the midst of planning our little girls 1st birthday party, so we're at the part were we're choosing the cake, food decorations etc... Always soo much to do.

Our new Atomic

Even with the sample grind!! Couldnt believe it

Thought I'd throw in a picture of some our lamps lit up at night

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